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History[ edit ] Front page of the first edition of the Houston Chronicle, 14 October Creekmore then assumed the role of publisher. Dan Brennan Audience development and planning: References 2 All Business: Foster turned to Jesse H.

Jonesa young builder and entrepreneur, who, just twelve years after coming to the Bayou City, was a man of growing civic leadership and stature.

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He then began lining up potential buyers for the newspaper, which included non-Houstonians such as Sam Newhouse, Otis Chandler and the Scripps-Howard organization.

Houston Post staff wrote an article about the change, but top management killed it. Its assets and liabilities were acquired by Hearst Corporationthe publisher of the Post's rival daily Houston Chronicle.

Johnson, who had joined the paper as a copy editor inand worked up to executive vice president inand president inremained as chairman and publisher until he retired April 1, According to The Handbook of Texas Online, the Chronicle generally represented very conservative political views during the s: Lisa Falkenberg — winner for commentary.

The history of the newspaper can be best understood when divided into the eras of these individuals. Our reporting today is more aggressive, our writing is more engaging and our newspaper is more visually alluring because of them and you. The second building built by Jones, it opened in Under the terms of the buy-sell agreement Jones became the sole owner of the paper.

Nancy Barnes Executive editor, opinions, and editorials: Subsequent editors have been George W. He did not respond to numerous phone messages, emails or attempts to reach him through former colleagues. But Foster's stand was expensive for the Chronicle.

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Forward Times which targeted the African-American community and the Houston Tribune an ultra conservative paper. All of you received this month's memo from the publisher framing a downsizing.

I considered the offer substantially more than the Chronicle was worth at the time. On September 3, the paper published a story announcing that Everett Collier was now the new editor. Growth Perhaps your goal is to grow your business operation.Sep 23,  · Some journalists have already run into trouble with their employers over the contents of their personal sites, with one -- a reporter for The Houston Chronicle -- having been fired for his efforts.

HOUSTON -- The Houston Chronicle has retracted eight stories by a former political reporter after an independent investigation found they were based on sources whose existence couldn't be. Paul Takahashi is a multimedia journalist who strives to distill complex topics into compelling, easy-to-understand stories for audiences on a variety of media aojiru-repo.com: Retail Reporter at Houston.

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The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Houston, Texas, United aojiru-repo.com of Aprilit is the third-largest newspaper by Sunday circulation in the United States, behind only the New York Times and Los Angeles aojiru-repo.com its buy-out of long-time rival the Houston Post, the Chronicle became Houston's newspaper of record.

The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily. Here are the top 25 Reporter profiles at Houston Chronicle on LinkedIn. Get all the articles, experts, jobs, and insights you need. The Houston Chronicle is investigating a former reporter who may have been making up sources.

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"We owe our readers the truth and to tell you if, in fact, there were inaccuracies in anything we published," the executive editor wrote in a statement.

Houston chronicle business reporters
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